Getting Students Career and College Ready, Partnerships are Key! An Engineering/Manufacturing Academy partners with STEM Industry and postsecondary partners for student success!


Alisa McCord

Orange County Department of Education

"Walt" Dennis Walters

Esperanza High School

Larry Eynon

Esperanza High School

Dr. Jose Macedo

CalPoly San Luis Obispo

Monday, February 13, 2012 - 2:30pm - 4:30pm
Session Type: 
CA Career Pathways Session
Presentation Category: 
Secondary-Postsecondary Connections
The Engineering and Manufacturing Academy at Esperanza High School prepares students for 1, 2, and 4-year post secondary education and training. Join us to discuss effective practices in developing industry, community, and higher education partnerships to grow and sustain your program. Learn how to get 8th graders and AP students interested in your program. Presentation includes tips on leveraging SB 70, CTE/ROP, and Perkins to prepare students with 21st Century skills.

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