Pathways to Success: Middle Grades to High School to Career and College Transitions


Terrie Poulos

California Department of Education: High School Innovations and Initiatives Office

George Olive

California Department of Education

Darrell Parsons

California Department of Education

Tuesday, February 14, 2012 - 3:00pm - 4:15pm
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CA Career Pathways Session
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Career Pathways/ Industry Sectors
What do dropout research, pathways, and early college high schools have in common? Student engagement. The November 2011 report "Profile of the California Partnership Academies 2009-2010" offers data which indicates the positive impacts the pathways approach is having on student engagement and high school graduation. Join three consultants from the CDE's High School Innovations and Initiatives Office in a discussion of California's pathways - which combine small learning communities, integrated academic and career-technical curriculum, and partnerships with employers and higher education - implementation up and down the state. Topics will include recent research on high school dropouts, the importance of seamless transitions from middle grades to high school to career and college, and issues and projects related to these areas.

California Industry Sectors
California Partnership Academies