Working with California Peace Officers Standards and Training (POST) to Develop a Career Pipeline for Future Public Safety Positions


Greg Kyritsis

POST representing CA Law Enforcement requesting to present on Building a Career Pipeline for Public Safety to meet our very high applicant failure rate (currently 95%) - project will encourage partnerships with Public Safety & Schools/Colleges

Michael Josephson

Josephson Institute of Ethics

Wednesday, February 15, 2012 - 11:15am - 12:30pm
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CA Career Pathways Session
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Employer and Community Partnerships
CA POST represents over 600 law enforcement agencies and over CA 94,000 peace officers and police dispatchers. In order to meet our future recruitment challenges, which currently reflects an approximate 95% applicant failure rate for entry level positions (many starting at $60,000.00), we are promoting partnerships with law enforcement agencies and their school districts to develop a Career Pipeline for Public Safety. The pipeline components include Elementary School through College graduation with students also being involved in Explorer Cadet programs and internships with public safety agencies. A number of pilot programs already exist and would be shared at the conference. The vehicles best suited for delivery of these school based public safety programs are magnet programs, CA Partnership Academies, and dedicated charter school programs. The key components to these school based public safety programs are a strong emphasis in academices, fitness, community service, and character development. Representives from The Character Counts program will also present on their character development program which includes the 6-Pillars of Character, also used by California POST, and many school programs on a nationwide basis.

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