Special Tribute

Charlie DaytonIn 1982-84, Charles Dayton helped to start the first career academies in northern California subsequently he initiated, wrote, and successfully promoted California legislation that contributed centrally to their expansion to more than 500 career academies statewide. The focus of Mr. Dayton’s work since 1984 has been high school reform through which he has coordinated extensive efforts both statewide and nationally. Mr. Dayton co-founded the Career Academy Support Network (CASN) in 1998 and served as Coordinator until 2011. He has written many of CASN’s guides and handbooks, and has worked to evaluate and provide assistance to high school career academies and small learning communities for three decades. He had a lead role in developing the National Standards of Practice for career academies, and also leads a national conversation three times a year for organizations involved with college-and-career pathways.

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